Washington Center

Guest Visitation Procedures

     Daytime and overnight guests are allowed while staying at the UC Washington Center. Daytime guests are guests checked into the Center between 7:00am-1:00am. Overnight guests are guests checked into the Center between 1:00am-7:00am; daytime guests become overnight guests if they are still present after 1:00am.

     Please review the following information before deciding to having guests. Failure to follow procedure may result in a conduct policy violation and loss of guest privileges. You may contact CSD Ruben Torres for any question.

     Your apartment must have an approved agreement form on file with Residential Services before Security will allow you to check in guests. Apartment agreement forms must be submitted no later than 2 business days before you host a guest and are due no later than the second week of the term. New agreement forms will be required if anyone new moves into your apartment.


A. You must check in all guests at the Security desk:
      1. Guests must have valid government issued identification to receive a visitor’s pass – visitor’s passes are required for re-entry.

B. You are responsible for your guest(s) and must accompany them at all times during their stay at the Center:
      1. Guests may only re-enter the Center when accompanied by their host and must show proof-of-stay (the visitor's pass) with Security.
      2. Guests may be asked to leave the premises if deemed necessary by a Center staff member.

C. You must check your guests out upon their departure:
      1. Guests must return visitor’s pass to the Security desk.

Guest Limitations:

  1. No overnight guests are allowed the first week of each academic term.
  2. No more than 2 overnight guests are allowed per apartment, per night.
  3. Residents are prohibited from checking in guests for other residents.
  4. Overnight guests cannot stay more than 5 cumulative nights within a 21 day period without prior approval.* There is no limitation to daytime guests.
  5. All guests are prohibited from possessing any Center materials including, but not limited to, apartment keys, UCDC IDs, or Sonitrol fobs.
  6. Previous residents may not be checked in as guests 30 days prior to and 30 days following their housing contract.


You may request an extension to host a guest for more than 5 nights, and up to 7 nights, by completing the following Guest Extension Form (https://goo.gl/forms/OPDOJhG9Dr7zBy903at least 5 business days prior to your guest’s arrival. You will be notified by email once it has been reviewed by Residential Services.