Washington Center

Your Apartment

Alterations to Living Space

You may use 3M Poster Tape to attach posters and pictures to your walls. No other alternations to living spaces are allowed.

If you have any questions regarding alterations to your living space, please contact Residential Services. Holiday lights, displays in your windows, or any other changes to the inside or outside of your apartment are restricted.


You are responsible for maintaining a clean, sanitary and non-hazardous living environment. Additionally, your bathroom, kitchen, and living room floors will be cleaned by custodial staff once a week; it is in your best interest to keep these areas clean and sanitary at all times. It is your responsibility to make sure that these areas are clear of debris and accessble for cleaning. It is also your responsibility to clean and vacuum your bedroom and keep the kitchen appliances clean. Consult with your apartment-mates on a schedule to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen and living room. If you have any problems arranging a satisfactory cleaning schedule, consult with your CSD. Vacuums can be checked-out at the Security Desk.

Kitchen Area

Your apartment has its own kitchen supplied with dishes, plastic cups, cutlery, pots and pans, etc. All kitchens are inventoried and you will be held responsible for any lost or damaged kitchen supplies.


The following suggestions will assist you in keeping your appliances clean:

  • Appliances should be cleaned only with non-abrasive cleaners or warm, soapy water.
  • Lining the drip pans and floor of the oven with aluminum foil will often preclude the necessity for heavy cleaning.
  • The exterior of the refrigerator should be kept clean of stains and spills. Stock items well away from the freezer vent and avoid overstocking the freezer.
  • Use your garbage disposal carefully. Never put rice, bones, seeds, or hard fruits or vegetable scrapings in it. Always run cold water at high pressure when you operate the disposal. There is a reset button under the sink that you can press should your unit malfunction. If you have a problem with the garbage disposal, or any other kitchen appliances put in a work order request.


While cooking, do not leave food unattended. Burned food will set off the building fire alarm or smoke detector and you will be charged the costs for the fire department to respond as well as for any damages to your apartment. When using the stovetop always run the overhead fan/vent. We recommend that you run the fan/vent for up to 30 minutes after cooking. Do not place hot pots or pans on floors, carpets or counters. They may cause serious damage to these surfaces.


Each apartment is furnished with a television set in the living room available with the following channels


Vacuums are available at the Security Desk for your use. Leave a valid photo ID Card at the Security Desk to checkout a vacuum for two hours. Vacuums are not to be taken out of the building.

Network Outlets in Rooms

There is a network jack at each bedside. If you wish to be connected directly to the network you will need a 10/100Base T Ethernet card installed in your computer and an ethernet patch cable. During move-in you will receive a handout that explains Ethernet hook-up procedures. The UC Washington Center web site also has an explanation of how to configure the card in order to hook into the Center’s local area network. The network will allow you access to the Internet as well as other network services. Printers are located in the Computer Lab in Room 311 on the third floor.  Up-to-date anti-viral and personal firewall software for your computer is highly recommended.  The UC Washington Center is not responsible for any damage caused by malware or network intrusion. Surge protectors for your computer are highly recommended. The UC Washington Center is not responsible for any damage caused by power surges.

Residential Services has a limited number of ethernet cables available for long-term checkout. 

Wireless Network Access

Wireless access is available throughout the building. Information on how to access the internet is avialable here.

In order to maintain the integrity of the Center’s network, personal wireless network hubs are NOT allowed at the Center.

Trash Collection/Recycling

Trash from your apartment should be placed in the heavy-duty garbage bags provided and put in the trash chutes located on each floor. There is a recycling program in the building and blue recycling trash bins have been placed in all units for the collection of cans, bottles and plastics. Put recycling items in a separate trash bag and place in the recycle bin in the trash room.